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Add Power to Your Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, RVing, and boating are a blast when you have a reliable source of power. But in this type of setting, the choices seem pretty limited. You could get a gas-powered generator, but they’re noisy and you have to breathe in dirty fumes while you’re trying to get back to nature. You could try a solar battery-powered generator, but most of them lack the power needed to keep your electronics running for the duration of your trip.

The PortaMaxPowerTM Solar Sentinel 2400TM provides outdoor adventurers the unlimited sustainable power they need in one portable and easy-to-operate unit.

Stay Plugged In When You Go Off the Grid

The PortaMaxPower Solar Sentinel 2400 was designed with the outdoor adventurer in mind. To meet our high standards, the Solar Sentinel 2400 needed to accomplish several important goals:

  • Rugged, watertight, and easily transportable: Portable power must get to where it’s needed, in one-piece, and still work when it gets there. The Solar Sentinel 2400 components are assembled on an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, permanently shock-mounted inside a Pelican Storm iM2975 Case. Pelican Case is the industry leader in transporting and protecting valuable gear. The overall weight (including the case) is less than 128 lbs., which is about the weight of a large cooler full of food, drinks, and ice.
  • Simple to operate: The Solar Sentinel 2400 has no confusing wiring or setup required, it is totally plug-and-play. Just connect the cables (there is only one way to connect them, so say goodbye to cabling errors), set up your solar panels, press the “ON” switch, flip the breakers “ON”, plug in your essential electronics, and you’re good to go.
  • Powers all major electronics: The Solar Sentinel 2400 includes a 2.5kva hybrid inverter/charger that provides 2000 watts of continuous Pure Sine Wave AC power and can reliably operate anything you can plug into a standard electrical outlet. One word of caution: though the Solar Sentinel 2400 can power small electric heaters and air conditioning units that plug into a standard outlet, they will not provide sustainable heat or cold air all night or on cloudy days. 
  • Sustainable: The Solar Sentinel 2400 provides sustainable solar power, day-in and day-out, whether you are on the water, in the mountains, or camping in the woods. By combining one of the highest portable battery storage capacities, along with our portable, state-of-the-art solar array, the Solar Sentinel 2400 is the industry leader in portable sustainable power.
Solar Sentinel 2400
Solar Sentinel 2400

One of the best-kept secrets among our competitors is “un-sustainability.” You take their solar-powered generator for a two-week camping trip, use up the battery the first night, then come to find out it could take a week or longer for their solar array to fully recharge – under ideal conditions – before you have power again. The PortaMaxPower Solar Sentinel 2400 fully recharges your battery in less than a day, while you are using it, giving you clean and truly sustainable power wherever your adventure takes you.