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Military communications power needs - 3 men in uniform on coms

Do you Have Sustainable Power for Your Next Mission?

As a supplier to the Military and other Government Agencies, PortaMaxPower understands what it takes to achieve mission success.

Our portable solar generators are perfect for providing silent, clean, sustainable power to coms, satellite uplinks, computers, and more. Our industry leading solar capabilities provide indefinitely sustainable power for days, weeks, or months.

Training takes 5 minutes, cabling is foolproof / go no-go, and the only maintenance required is to use it. And use it you can. Where typical Lithium battery chemistries are only good for a few hundred charge cycles, the Solar Sentinel’s LiFePO4 battery is rated for thousands of charge cycles. Whether carried off of a truck, floated off a boat, or kicked out of a plane, our gear can take it.

The PortaMaxPowerTM Solar Sentinel 2400TM provides the ideal solution for those who need mission-critical, sustainable power.

Reach out to us directly at with your mission’s power requirements. If our gear can help, we’ll tell you straight. If it can’t, we’ll tell you that too. We offer equipment not shown on this website and build custom gear as well, so please reach out and let us know what you need.

COMING SOON: The NEW Solar Sentinel 1200 - Rucksack Solar Generator

The PortaMaxPower Solar Sentinel 2400 Difference

  • Rugged/Watertight
  • Silent/Safe/No Fumes
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Training takes 5 Minutes
  • LiFePO4 Lifetime battery
  • SunPower Gen III Solar Cells
  • Pure Sine Wave Power
  • Eliminate Fuel Supply Logistics
  • Air Dropped USAF
  • Designed and Built in the USA

The PortaMaxPower Solar Sentinel 2400 is the first truly sustainable portable solar generator on the market today. Our generator has 2.5kva hybrid inverter / MPPT charger that provides 2,000 watts of continuous Pure Sine Wave AC power along with a surge capability of over 6,000 watts. This allows the Solar Sentinel 2400 to easily power COM’s, Satellite Uplinks, Computers, Medical Equipment, Command Centers, Refrigeration, Saws/Jackhammers, Drones/Robotics, LED Traffic Signals and any other type of electronics that plug into a standard wall outlet.  While output is very important, it is only one of three very important parts of the full solar generator story.

At night, any solar generator will rely on the storage battery to produce power.  Our battery is a 24v 100ah LiFePO4 battery, which is the finest technology available today. This battery will safely run your electronics far longer than those of most competitors, and it is typical to operate over 2,000 charge cycles, which under normal use, means it will be decades before you ever have to replace the battery.

Solar Sentinel 2400
Solar Sentinel 2400
Solar Sentinel 2400 Power Packag
Solar Sentinel 2400 Power Packag
330 Watt High-Efficiency Lightweight Folding Solar Panel
Solar Sentinel 2400 Power Packag
330 Watt High-Efficiency Lightweight Flexible Solar Panel
330 Watt High-Efficiency Lightweight Folding Solar Panel

Finally, what really sets the Solar Sentinel 2400 apart from anything else on the market today is true, real world Sustainability.

While competitors’ largest units may have comparable battery storage capacity to the Solar Sentinel (most don’t), their solar capabilities are an afterthought. Simply put, if and when the battery dies, their maximum solar capability cannot fully recharge it the next day. The sun goes down and you are heading into the next evening relying on a battery with half power, quarter power, or less. Their product isn’t a solar generator, it’s a very expensive battery backup!  In fact, if they chose to be fully transparent, in real world conditions, their maximum solar capability can take days to fully charge a dead battery. And that’s if you are not using it to power anything while charging! That’s just not realistic. For the folks at PortaMaxPower, that’s not only unsustainable, it’s unacceptable.

The Solar Sentinel 2400’s high efficiency 1080 watt, 3 panel solar array (2160 watt 6 panel Max) will quickly recharge it’s 2400whr LiFePO4 battery, while in use, ensuring that you have the sustainable power you need, when you need it, day in and day out. Check out The Solar Sentinel vs. The Competition for a quick comparison of performance, features, warrantees and cost. Then email us to discuss whether our product would be a good fit for your application.