Do the research and you’ll see that the PortaMaxPower Solar Sentinel offers more bang for your hard earned buck than all other popular generators on the market today.

HondaTM EU2000Goal ZeroTM 3000Solar SentinelTM 2400
Initial Cost$1,150$3,000*$3,995*
Life Expectancy500 cycles500 cycles2,000+ cycles
Life Cost of Use$4,000 or more$4,300 or more**$3,995
Warranty3 years1 year3 years includes battery
Continuous Output1,600 watts1,500 watts2,000 watts
Surge Output2,000 watts3,000 watts6,000 watts
Primary Power SourceGasoline120vAC OutletSolar
Storage BatteryLi‐Ion NMCLiFePO4
Usable Capacity2400 watt/hr2400 watt/hr
Max Life Cycles5002000+
Max Solar Input360 watts990+ watts
Solar Panel Cost$1,150 $1995
Panel Cost/Watt$3.00/watt$2.00/watt
Panel Size/Weight200-watt / 42 lbs330-watt / 11 lbs
Solar Charge TimeDays***3 hours
Grid Charge Time24 Hours6 hours
No Dangerous Fumes
Watertight Case
EMP Protected

*Does not include solar panels and cabling.
**Since grid charging is primary source, includes cost/watt hour to charge. Includes replacement cost for (1) battery.
***Real world, average 5 solar hours/day, battery is at 20% from nighttime use, maximum solar input.