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At PortaMaxPower, LLC, our goal was to create the premier portable solar powered generator available on the market today.

Nearly three years ago, born out of frustration and disappointment with existing products, we set out to find if the latest technology had evolved enough to create a portable solar powered generator with true day-in and day-out sustainability. It had to be rugged, powerful, easy-to-use, safe, silent, and above all, SUSTAINABLE. We truly believe the Solar Sentinel 2400 accomplishes all of that and more.

You should know up front, however, the latest solar technology is not cheap. We chose and continue to choose the finest components available, never settling for second best just to lower costs. So, if your goal is to find the cheapest initial cost on a portable power source, STOP reading now and head on over to one of the big box stores. However, if you are looking for the only truly SUSTAINABLE portable solar solution available today, then read on.

With any product design, there are always trade-offs – performance & reliability vs size & weight. That said, at PortaMaxPower we are always trying to find smaller, lighter components, but if they are not highly-efficient and totally reliable, they are not used in the Solar Sentinel. If you can handle a large cooler full of ice, drinks, and food, then you can handle the Solar Sentinel.

Finally, critical to our design – SUSTAINABILITY.

During our research, we discovered that most everything that calls itself a portable solar generator, power station, or whatever, are all quite frankly just battery backups with very little solar capability and designed primarily to be recharged by plugging into the wall.

Off-the-grid, you run down their batteries during the night only to find that it will take several days or more to fully recharge using their solar panel(s). Not so good if your camping trip lasts longer than a day, or your power is out at the house for several days and your food spoils and your smartphone dies.

If you are off-the-grid, either by choice or during an emergency, your solar generator’s solar array should be able to fully recharge the battery while continuing to operate, in less than a day and in less than ideal conditions. If it won’t, then it’s not sustainable solar energy. If it will, then it’s a Solar Sentinel 2400.

But don’t take our word for it, do the research and then you decide, before purchasing, if the Solar Sentinel will effectively meet your portable solar energy needs.

We’ve made solar easy, so take a look at our How it Works page. If you still have questions, please contact us:

Our Pledge – Always 100% Customer Satisfaction!